The UC Yearbook 2023


UC Yearbook 2021: What's so different? 


Last year was a year marked with uncertainty and chaos Yet, through it all, UC students and their families have remained resilient. They were hopeful, eager, and with an eye towards the future. 

From preparing for college at home to connecting over zoom calls, we were nothing but committed and unstoppable. Together, we steered through anxious times, painted lifelong memories, and indeed became a more tightly knit community. 

We want to share with you glimpses from the year gone by with the hope that it encourages you also to follow your dreams.  

So, here's to never giving up on yourself. Welcome to our Yearbook 2021- Encore!


Read on. Smile. Share with someone who needs to read this. 


Chaitnya Chopra

Chaitnya Chopra

University of Petroleum and Energy Sciences, Dehradun | Enrolled for PG Applications CAAS @ UC

Going to TU Berlin, MSc Aerospace Engineering (GERMANY)


The process of college planning can be very agonizing. I can say this from my personal experience and that of my friends. But looking back, there were two important things that I learnt from it. First, never go for only the big, famous colleges. Instead, research and find out which college and which programme is right for you. Second, it is okay to doubt yourself sometimes. Don't be discouraged. Just put in the work and trust that everything will work out in the end.  

I am extremely thankful to UC for helping me realize my dream. I believe the most special thing about UC is that they make everyone feel very special and capable of accomplishing wonders. All my mentors were very encouraging and always ready to help. They understood me really well and therefore, their advice was accurate and always welcome. 

My advice for students planning to go to college - 

"Do not follow the herd." 

Nayantara Bora

OP Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat | Enrolled for Liberal Arts CAAS at UC.

Going to University College Utrecht, Liberal Arts (NETHERLANDS)

Got offers from University of Leeds, Durham, Dundee, Maastricht, Utrecht, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Bard College Berlin 

College planning to me means considering my financial situation, the unique culture/atmosphere at a university, the country itself, my course of choice, the city, accommodation, etc.

My journey with my counselor has been perfect. I've had a wonderful time working with her. She helped me with everything from the start. Everything was organized so well and I had a clear list of tasks that I needed to complete. She was also very patient with me as I was also studying in law school at the time. She was immensely helpful while I wrote my essays and provided a lot of constructive feedback. She also helped me with the training I needed while appearing for TOEFL and the interviews. She also offered adequate encouragement and support when I needed it. It was wonderful working with her. 

My advice to students planning for college- "Listen to yourself. Try not to give in to external pressure or expectations coming from society or family. Have faith in your instincts and decisions. Go after what you want. It gives an indescribable amount of satisfaction to see your independent aspiration come to life after you've put in the work and dedication."


Nayantara Bora 
Samarth Ghai

Samarth Ghai

Going to UC Berkeley, College of Letters and Science (USA)

Shri Ram School, Aravali| Enrolled for 2 Years CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, UW Madison, University of Manchester,  University College London 

College Plannning means finding out about your passions, the right colleges for you, planning out essays, getting insight from others, finding out about your course and the faculty, meeting alumni and compiling large sets of data. This has been a long and crucial journey for me and my family and I'm glad about the way it went and ended. 

My Orange Counselor made my life way easier. They helped me with planning out my months from testing to extracurriculars to helping me gain connections to editing my essays to compiling long lists of colleges to reviewing my applications and just providing general guidance and advice to make this process way easier. They also constantly motivated me and interacted with me and were really easy to reach out to. 

My advice to students planning for college- "This process can be really daunting and can stress you out a lot. Yesthere will be acceptances but there will also be rejections. So don't let the rejections determine your self-worth. Keep calm and trust the process.


Nandini Narula

Going to Marist College, Psychology (USA)

Isha Home School, Coimbatore | Enrolled for 4 Years CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University, Marist College, Ithaca College, University of Leeds, Berklee College of Music, Newcastle University, Wheaton College. 

College to me has always been a stepping stone of life that I’ve looked forward to. Though my idea of a ‘perfect’ college varied from seeking ranks to choosing what’s a better fit for me, I feel like the whole process of college research, brainstorming on and writing essays, going through five-plus drafts before submission, and finally committing to a college and connecting with my classmates via social media, all have ingrained in me an understanding that has helped me grow, and ‘be more.’ I had a very tough time deciding on my final choice, taking into consideration all the scholarships, opportunities involved, and course selections, but I’m glad I had University Connection to clear my confusions and help me out wherever, and whenever I needed 🙂 

From filling in details on complex portals, locating un-locatable email IDs, connecting me to India representatives of colleges, suggesting TV series related to the culture of my college choices, sending thought-provoking articles, and even adding ‘humour’ to the conversation when she saw me tense. My Orange Counsellor has been instrumental in my college journey, and I’m very veryyyy thankful 🙂 

My advice to students planning for college- "Don’t fake it on your essays, you get only one shot to open doors to a place that you’ll thrive in. You’re not proving yourself to the college, you’re showing yourself how much you’re capable of."  


Nandini Narula
Mahima Rao

Mahima Rao

Going to University of Toronto, Co-op arts: Humanities, Social Sciences (CANADA)

Shri Ram School, Moulsari | Enrolled for 2 Years CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from Bryn Mawr College, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Smith Colllege, Durham, University of Leeds, King's College, Exeter, Ashoka University, McMaster

College planning involved intense research into various countries and universities and lengthy talks to ensure that I ended up in the place that fit me the best

I discovered my true passion while I was with University Connection. I received the best guidance and reassurance that helped me realise that pursuing my dream wasn’t so far-fetched and it gave me the courage to ultimately choose to pursue a proper liberal arts higher education. 


Atharvan Anand

Going to McMaster, Business (CANADA)

Springdales School, Pusa Road | Enrolled for 2 Years CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from University of British Columbia, Calgary, York University and Simon Fraser University

During the Essay writing stage of my college planning, I had not even realised I had participated in so many extracurriculars. I always thought it was just one activity that I had participated in throughout school, but on the contrary, I was able to write and explain many other things as well. I was initially very anxious about the offers, but once I was finished with all the essays and documentations, I was extremely hopeful and was satisfied with my achievements and accolades. Apart from this, I found it integral to do my own research as well, because in the end, I would be the one making the main decision of choosing my subject and university, and good research helps me putting a step in the right direction. 

Ragini Ma'am was not just a mentor to me, but a great friend as well. She has helped me throughout this tough journey and year. I feel she has guided me to the best option every time in tough situations. Every time I had questions and was doubtful about something, I would always try to reach out to her, as I knew she would always be there to lend a helping hand. She has always motivated me by having discussions and guided me to the right path by suggesting the best option to proceed, which seems to have paid off. She also assisted me in writing my essays, by helping me with opinions, and letting me know where I could improve whilst also pointing where I could do better. She was always hopeful, even when I was anxious and stressed at times, which I now realise. She has helped me throughout and has helped immensely to ease the tedious process. 


Atharvan Anand
Japjot Malhotra

Japjot Malhotra

Isha Home School, Coimbatore | Enrolled for 1 Year CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from University of Leeds, Loughborough University, University of Manchester, University of Waterloo, York University, Christ University (Bangalore Campus), Flame University 

College Planning means researching about how the course is structured and the college reputation, financing and scholarship offers, location and the social group present in a college, alumni research and future prospects after educational degree

I learnt many hidden layers that added to my interest in Psychology and writing my college essays helped me formulate my thoughts and feelings for the field. I had the chance to challenge my time management skills because I was late for my college applications amid the time of board exam ambiguity. My speaking skills improved due to all the interview and IELTS practice. I was glad that this time I could put down my strengths, weaknesses and get a bird's eye view of my personality and how I am as a person. Collating my activities over the years will have many benefits in the future because all are in one place. I learnt about what all to do and look for when thinking about college and in the future, I would definitely recommend University Connection to students who require help. It was a smooth journey because of UC and I am thankful to everyone who has helped me. 


Aditya Soni

Isha Home School, Coimbatore | Enrolled for 1 Year CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from McMaster, University of Waterloo, California State University- Los Angeles & Long Beach, De Paul University

For me College planning involves much more than filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and asking teachers for recommendation letters. The process requires self-reflection and spending time looking at public and private colleges, online learning, and other forms of higher education that you may not have considered previously. 

My advice to students  planning for college - "Start early"


Aditya Soni
Bharat Kumar Aggarwal

Bharat Kumar Aggarwal

Going to Westminster, MSc in Finance (UK)

OP Jindal, Sonipat | Enrolled for PG Applications CAAS at UC. 

Got an offer from Queen Mary University of London and University of Warwick

Planning for college and coming to a decision to do my master's in London was not an easy task, especially due to COVID. But getting in touch with my Counselor was always easy as she was available all the time and always helped me out with the entire application process. 

My advice to college students planning for college- "Start early, do your research and build on your academic strengths."


Chittesh Kumar

Going to University of Manchester, Engineering (UK)

Amity International School, Saket | Enrolled for 2 Years CAAS at UC. 

Got offers from University of Sheffield and University of       York   

College planning was the most crucial aspect of acquiring my dream and get into my dream school. With the correct guidance, I was able to gain confidence to apply abroad and deal with the tiring process which was extremely addicting. And this experience wouldn’t have been possible had I not chosen to apply abroad and work with UC. Looking back to the journey with UC, it seems unreal doing several things to strengthening and developing me as an individual. Charushilla ma’am helped in knowing the essence of writing essays and personal statement. Spending few weeks on writing my SOP was probably still the most strenuous as that required introspection and answers to questions I would’ve probably never thought of otherwise. The college process has led me to immense self-awareness and self-development, and that’s what made it so important to me.

I was completely unaware of the procedure and hard work that goes into figuring out my college which was simplified to quite an extent by Sahiba ma’am and people at UC. Sahiba ma’am with her reminders and deadlines always helped me push boundaries and get the work done, but what I liked best was just how approachable she was, calling her to discuss my doubts was just like calling a friend. She was the source of motivation and a voice of reason in the midst of heaps of confusion for me. It’s wonderful to have such a cooperative team of UC and Charu ma’am who were always eager to help me out. Widgets like CIALFO helped me organising my documents and making the process easier. 


Chittesh Kumar
Venkatesh Rao

Venkatesh Rao

GD Goenka Public School, Gurgaon | Enrolled for 2 Years CAAS at UC. 

A Business Mangement aspirant. Got offers from University of Arizona,  California State University - Long Beach, San Francisco, Lynn University, De Paul University. 

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow, it will be here soon.


Tanya Sanghi

Northeastern University, USA | Enrolled for PG Applications CAAS @ UC

Going to University of Warwick, UK : Masters in Psychology and Education. Other offers from University of Bath and University of Nottingham. 


Tanya Sanghi
Swati Yadav

Swati Yadav

Enrolled for PG Applications CAAS @ UC

A Digital Marketing and Management aspirant. Going to ESCPMadrid. Other offers from GISMA, Grenoble School of Management, City University, and Coventry University